we are glad you are here

we are glad you are here


Feel reassured as Diversified performs an inspection for you.

Diversified Home Inspections, Inc. has been serving the tri county area since 1998
We have over 36,000 inspections performed and take pride in our thousands of satisfied customers.

In today’s market there are a vast amount of inspection companies to choose from. This can become overwhelming with making the right decision. It is important to know the differences from one inspection company to the other, so you can be sure that you are choosing the best one.

Let’s face it…… whether its purchasing a residential or a commercial structure this may be one of the largest purchases you may make in a lifetime.

Therefore…… it is crucial for you to protect your investment and make the right decision when hiring an inspector or inspection company.

Diversified is owned and operated by Rick Ansbaugh. He is a licensed General Contractor with more than 40 years of building and inspection experience.

Diversified Home Inspections has been performing inspections on Residential, Commercial, Multi Unit, Condos, New Construction and all type of buildings for more than 20 years.


*We have learned over the years what to look for and how some things can be concealed or made inaccessible without disclosure.

*We do not use Industry generated Generic style reports as to where it may make it difficult for a consumer to read and understand while making their decision.

*As a professional and with great understanding of the industry, Rick has designed our field sheets so that the inspector is sure to cover all areas necessary for the most thorough comprehensive inspection possible.

*Your report will indicate everything necessary to read to make the right decision with your potential purchase.

*The breakdown of all visible deficiencies and the estimated repair cost will make you aware of the approximate cost to get the property back into shape. This can also be beneficial in making your decision as to moving forward with purchasing the property or not.

* The findings and estimated repair costs on your report may also be used to assist you with the possibility of potentially renegotiating your sales contract.

At Diversified, we value our licensing and reputation therefore, we work with a team that has the experience necessary to perform the proper inspection for you.

Our team approach helps to minimize any future problems or unexpected expenses.

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When performing a complete building inspection on a residential single-family home, commercial property, multi family structure, etc.our team consists of three or more licensed and insured professionals.

A licensed Roofing Contractor to perform the roof portion of your inspection

A state Licensed WDO inspector to perform the Termite portion of your inspection


A State Licensed HI Inspector with on hands construction experience and/or a State Licensed General Contractor to perform the general areas of your inspection.

Although all of our inspectors have great knowledge and experience, for more complex inspections or questions of possibly modifying a structure after purchase you may request Rick as a Licensed General Contractor to perform your inspection for added advice.

Because it is not as difficult as one may think to obtain a Home Inspectors License, it is important to know what type of background experience in the construction industry the inspector or inspection company you are considering has.

Be Aware of what type of licensing they have and what type of insurance coverage  that some companies may be referring to as insurance. It is important to hire a company that has not only General Liability (which is the only requirement from the state of Florida) but also, in addition you may want them to carry Errors and Omission/Professional Liability. General Liability only covers loss for injury/damage where, Errors and Omissions/Professional Liability covers any great loss that an inspector or inspection company may have overlooked and has not revealed on his report.

At Diversified we carry HI licensing along with General Contractor Licensing,
General Liability & Errors Omissions/Professional Liability.

It is also important to be aware of what is considered a warranty.

Some companies may advertise they carry a warranty, it is important to read the fine line and know exactly what they are referring to and what they are considering a warranty.

At Diversified we do not carry a warranty


that you will be satisfied with the service you receive from Diversified.
When our team goes out to perform an inspection for you, Our GOAL is for you to receive


We Inspect for YOU with intentions of not only performing the most thorough inspection for your protection and peace of mind. In addition, we do our best to help minimize any unexpected expenses later. It is important to us to continue and maintain our great reputation.

“YOUR Satisfaction Is OUR Satisfaction”

We work for YOU…… for US…. and for …NOBODY else!!

We are Greatly appreciative for all the Professional Realtors, Real Estate Attorneys, Insurance Agents, Title Companies, Mortgage Brokers, Past Clients and even Sellers that have continued to refer us over the years and with great confidence in Diversified.


Your satisfaction is MOST IMPORTANT to us therefore if you have decided to choose Diversified and have any concerns with any of our services before, during or post inspections, it is very important to call us immediately so that we can address your concerns.

Although at times it may be difficult to price our inspection fees with our complete team approach opposed to a one-man inspection company operation, we try to stay as competitive to the market as possible.

When shopping and price quoting for the right inspection company, please consider our services in comparison to others and give us the opportunity to meet or beat other pricing of written quotes that you may receive.

WE are confident that you will be satisfied with the services you receive from Diversified.

“Locally Owned and Operated Since 1998”

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