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Quality Home Inspections

Let us know if you are considering making major structural changes to the property after purchase, or have reason to believe that the structure may not have been properly built. For these situations our owner, Licensed General Contractor Rick Ansbaugh is available to be part of the home inspection team.

All Types of General Home Inspections are Available

For homes in Palm Beach, Broward or Dade County, Diversified Home Inspections offers:

  • Complete Conditions Residential Inspections – Protect your potential investment and make an informed purchase decision.
  • Re-inspections – Check the quality and integrity of repairs that the seller made…before escrow closes.
  • Listing Inspections – Learn about the current condition of your home before you list it for sale.
  • New Home Progressive Inspections – Ensure things are being done right during the construction phase.
  • New Home Construction Inspections – Get a comprehensive structural and cosmetic inspection once construction is complete.
Let’s break it down

What’s Included in Your General Home Inspection

Full HouseTownhouseCondoNew Home
Attic AreaXXX
Air ConditioningXXXX
(walls, windows, doors, ceilings)
Sprinkler SystemsXXXX
Cosmetic IssuesX
A non-invasive inspection

The Details of What Will Be Inspected

Diversified is one of the largest South Florida inspection companies that provide a team approach to residential and commercial inspections, with licensed specialists performing roof, termite, environmental and other specialized inspections. In addition, we’re known for being:

RoofInspection is performed by a licensed roofing contractor. Roof is checked for (a) any evidence of previous or active leaks and (b) the condition of the roof covering.
TermiteInspection is performed by a licensed exterminator. Building is checked for any evidence of wood-destroying organisms, including termites.
Attic AreaAttic area is inspected for proper insulation, separated seams, duct work, electrical, hurricane straps and structural integrity of the roof system.
ElectricalWhere accessible, receptacles are tested for proper wiring and ground. A visual check is done on electrical panels, fan wiring and any exposed wiring that is not to code. Timers are checked for correct wiring and movement.
Air ConditioningAir conditioner is checked for proper cooling, drainage and rust.
HeaterHeater is checked for proper heating, drainage and rust.
PlumbingA visual check is made on visible pipes, faucets and valves to check for proper drainage as well as any visible leaks or water stains. Water heaters are checked for proper operation and visible deficiencies.
AppliancesAppliances are checked for proper operation and visible deficiencies.
(walls, windows, doors, ceilings)
All interior and exterior walls, ceilings, doors, windows, patio and screened enclosures are visually examined.
GroundsThe patios, walkways, pool decks and fencing are inspected, and the grounds are checked grading adequacy.
Sprinkler SystemsSprinkler systems are checked for proper water coverage and for equipment condition
Pool InspectionPools are checked for any visual defects or exposed gunite, and for equipment condition.
Cosmetic IssuesFor New Home Inspections only, cosmetic items – including scratches, mars, paint, grout color consistencies, chips and nicks – are checked throughout the property.
Need more than a general inspection?

Order Additional Inspections

  • Insurance Inspections
  • Commercial Inspections
  • Septic Inspections
  • Seawall Inspections
  • Well & Water Inspections
  • Mold & Fungus Inspections
  • Swimming Pool Inspections
  • Radon Inspections
  • Lead-Based Paint Inspections
  • Chinese Toxic Drywall Inspections
  • Asbestos Testing
  • Mitigation Inspections
  • 4 Point Inspections
  • Roof Certification Inspections
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