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Diversified Home Inspections has been Serving Dade, Broward and Palm Beach Counties Since 1998

When hiring Diversified Home Inspections, you don’t just get one home inspector! For added reassurance and peace of mind, you get a complete team of licensed and insured professionals.

Take advantage of our unique team approach to residential & commercial inspections

When calling a home inspection company in the Miami, Dade, Fort Lauderdale, Broward or Palm Beach area you need to keep in mind that all home inspection services are not alike. For example, Diversified Home Inspections takes a team approach, providing a team of inspectors instead of just one inspector who will attempt to do it all. Why is a team approach so beneficial? Because with so many components of a home, it is important to specialize in certain areas of the property. A team approach helps ensure that nothing is overlooked. Yes, each of our Registered Building Inspectors are fully qualified to perform all types of comprehensive home inspections and commercial inspections. For additional protection, your roof inspection and termite inspection will be performed by experienced experts licensed and insured in these fields; this is included in every one of our comprehensive home inspections and commercial inspections. In addition, if your property needs a mold inspection or other high-impact specialized inspection, we may recommend also bringing in additional experienced experts who are specifically licensed for that type of work.

Do it right without spending extra

Have a team of three or more licensed inspection specialists complete your comprehensive home inspection or commercial inspection at one affordable price, and rest assured that each of your Florida home inspectors is licensed and insured and has the know-how to perform your inspection right.

Make an informed property purchase decision

Diversified Home Inspections is known for providing the most thorough conditions inspections and detailed inspection reports in the Broward, Dade and Palm Beach County area.

Most reports will be available one business day after your residential or commercial inspection is completed. You will receive a detailed inspection report that lists the condition of every item and area inspected. Plus, for any deficiencies found you’ll also get a line-by-item estimate of what the repairs will cost.

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Tight deadlines can almost always be met, and Saturday appointments are available.

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The Most Thorough General Home Inspections In Broward, Dade & Palm Beach Counties

General Inspections

If you’re buying a home, the last thing you want after taking occupancy is to find out that the roof leaks, the attic has termite damage...

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Insurance Inspections

People from outside of the area are often surprised to learn that if you want to insure a residential or commercial property in Florida...

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Commercial Inspections

A commercial property is a significant investment. Whether you’re considering purchasing a multi-family, motel, warehouse...

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Miscellaneous Inspections

There are some of the types of commercial and residential inspections that we believe should not be performed by a generalist...

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Why Choose Us?

For Home Inspections in Dade, Broward, & Palm Beach Counties, Real Estate Professionals Recommend Diversified Home Inspections

Why Expertise, Thoroughness & Service Matter

Considering buying a home or commercial property? Choosing the right property inspection company is as important as choosing the right realtor. Performing an inspection is a challenging task that requires experience, knowledge and extreme attention to detail. This is what you get with Diversified Home Inspections. In addition to this, we understand the importance of staying within your inspection period guidelines. In the event your inspection reveals more issues then you anticipated, you’ll still have time to renegotiate or get out of your purchase contract.

The Diversified Home Inspections Difference

Diversified is one of the largest South Florida inspection companies that provide a team approach to residential and commercial inspections, with licensed specialists performing roof, termite, environmental and other specialized inspections.

  • Thorough – Providing the most comprehensive inspections in the area, including line-by-line estimates of repair costs.
  • Accommodating – Can usually book within one or two days, and can often meet same-day needs.
  • Affordable – Giving you a team of inspectors at a competitive price in comparison with some companies that may only use one inspector.
  • Experienced – Over 36,000 inspections completed since 1998.
  • Knowledgeable – Our inspectors have hands-on building experience, enabling them to recognize which deficiencies are major and/or functional and which are merely cosmetic.

Termite Inspection

Termite Inspection is performed by a licensed exterminator. Building is checked for any evidence of wood-destroying organisms, including termites.


Rick Ansbaugh is not only the owner but also a operator of Diversified Home Inspections. He is a State Licensed General Contractor in addition to a State Licensed Home Inspector. Rick started working in the construction industry in his early 20’s.  He later started a business of his own doing Home Improvements, Renovations, Additions and complete build outs of homes from the foundation all the way to the roof top.  In the early 90’s he started doing inspections for a local company. In October of 1998 he decided to open his own inspection company with a goal in mind to provide buyers and realtors with prompt, courteous and dependable service. Rick has been serving Dade, Broward and Palm Beach county for over 35 years  in construction and inspecting of residential and commercial properties combined .  He has great experience in all facets of construction and  is very knowledgeable in the field. You can feel reassured as he answers any questions you may have.

He and his creditable team  have performed over 45,000 inspections in their years together. He believes in standing by his and his teams inspections. So, even post inspection if you have any questions or concerns, he encourages you to reach out to him.
Rick has also ventured into developing, he purchased 65 acres of mountain land in Southeastern TN, developed it and is now ready to start the construction of  26 homes on it.
“He believes in living the best of both worlds… the ocean here and the mountains there”.
See what he has done with  his development at www.eaglesnestretreat.com

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Russell Davenport

I started working in South Florida construction in 1982 at age 22. I spent 13 years in new construction for Tract Homes and Condominium Developers as superintendent and/or Project Manager from Brevard County to Broward County Florida. In 1993 I went to work in Miami repairing storm damaged homes and finally joined Diversified Home Inspections in 2002. I have extensive experience in over 20,000 dwellings, inspecting and constructing homes.
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Joe Vita

I have been in the construction industry for over 40 years’ with extensive experience from building homes to management.
I am a state licensed Home Inspector and have been working with Diversified Home Inspections since 2008 and have performed over 10,000 inspections.
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Joey Ansbaugh

I have been working in the construction industry for over 10 years with extensive experience in foundation work and demolition. I began my apprenticeship with Diversified Home Inspections in 2013 until obtaining my Home Inspector’s License in 2015. I have successfully completed over 3,000 inspections while carrying on the precise attention to detail and quality workmanship that has been displayed by my father, Rick Ansbaugh, for more then 35 years in the construction and inspection industry. In addition, I am a Qualified Wood Destroying Organisms Inspector with over 1,000 inspections performed.
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“I used Diversified for my home inspection and was very pleased with the results. They meticulously combed through every inch of my house from top to bottom, and found some very important things that made a huge difference. Communication was great at all times. We highly recommend them to anyone who is looking to find a trustworthy, reliable, quality company.” Danny Viera

“I have been an active Real Estate Agent since 1988, and since 1998 I have only referred Diversified home Inspections, Inc. to all my Buyers and Sellers. I have bought and sold five homes myself and would only trust my home inspection to Diversified home Inspections. Their employees have always been very professional, efficient and extremely trustworthy.” Colleen Witkop, Brantley Properties